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a new year…a new theme

this blog is changing for the new year (not that it had a theme for 2009).

the new year, like every new year, is about changes and i am jumping on the band wagon this year.  i need a change, a challenge, something…different… especially since i turn 30 in june.  am i ready to turn 30?  umm…will explore that thought later.   for now, this ‘change’ was inspired by a recent article in O magazine and a movie.  i am excited for the new year.  i hope that it will bring happiness, joy and accomplishments.  i have a plan beginning to formulate and for the first two months a challenge to accomplish.

for 2010, the purpose of this blog will be to document my accomplishments, beginning with my first challenge.  i hope you will join me for the journey and much more to come in the new year.

welcome 2010


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