rest day (day 4)

Today is a rest day, no bikram.  Instead, I’m watching the Iowa Hawkeyes play in the Orange Bowl.  Go Hawks!

It’s also time for me to come clean with some statistics.  I need to measure progress in, I decided, two ways:

  1. Body content (this includes weight, pant size, etc).
  2. Flexibility

Body statistics:

  • 151 pounds (height 5’7)
  • size 10 pants, medium shirt
  • I’m avoiding measurements (hip, waist, etc) at this time, because I’m not in the mood to get off the couch and figure it out.

Regarding flexibility, this is simple, because I am not flexible.  Oh, let me list the ways (according to each of the 26 poses).

  1. Half Moon with Backbend: OK, I’m not bad on the sidebends, but the back one, I have a fear of releasing my head, and I feel like I’m crunching my lower back.
  2. Hands to Feet: I can’t touch my toes (with my legs locked), let alone with my hands underneath my heels…ummm…it might take all 60 days to accomplish this one.
  3. Awkward 1, Awkward 2, Awkward 3:  After doing the first pose, my thighs and calves are tired and shaking.  Plus, my balance is completely off, and I consistantly struggle with the 2nd pose.
  4. Eagle: This one, I can do sometimes.  I have a hard time keeping my balance when my foot is wrapped around my leg.  But this is one of my better poses.
  5. Standing Head to Knee: Look at this pose…ummm…yeah.  No explanation needed.
  6. Standing Bow Pulling:  I’m struggling through this pose, balance issues, but I think this pose.
  7. Balancing Stick: Balancing issues (repetitive, I know).
  8. Standing Separate Leg Stretching:   Although I’m not at the flexibility in this image and can’t tuck my hands under my heels or touch my head to the floor, I don’t mind this pose.  I find it restful and a change to regenerize.
  9. Triangle: My legs start to cramp up, and I can’t touch the floor.
  10. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee: Nope, my front leg (which it head rests on) is bent, probably close to a 90 degree angle).
  11. Tree: I like tree pose, but I have to hold my foot.  I haven’t figured out how to rest it on my thigh yet and stand.
  12. Toe Stand: again, crouching from tree pose into this pose, impossible (at this time).  Plus, I don’t have the knee locked (for the leg that you balance on) yet to be able to start working on the crouching part of this pose.
  13. Dead Body: My favorite and the easiest pose.  I don’t need to work on this one.  🙂
  14. Wind Removing:  This is another pose that I am happy to do.  It’s restful, but if you pull right and sink your hips towards the ground, you really feel the stretch.
  15. Sit Up: Having done Pilates, this another pretty easy pose that I have mastered.
  16. Cobra: My back is extremely stiff and this is another pose that I have problems with, especially since you’re not suppose to use your arms to help support the pose.  It’s all back strength, which I have not.
  17. Locust: I hate this pose with a passion.  My elbows and shoulders scream each time that I wiggle my body into this pose and then my leg lifts up an inch, if that.  This is definitely a pose with tons of room for improvement.
  18. Full Locust: Another tough pose, because of lack of back strength and flexibility…room for improvement.
  19. Bow: An ick pose (get use to it, I don’t really like the next ones either).  I hate how my hip bones grind into the floor.  It’s painful and extremely uncomfortable one your stomach.
  20. Fixed Firm:  Yup, I can’t even get my shoulders on the ground, maybe in 60 days…
  21. Half Tortoise: Ah, a relaxing pose that I can do…finally!
  22. Camel: Makes sense, the name, I feel like a camel that hasn’t had any water for three months and am about to pass out!  I get light headed, and my heads aren’t even touching my ankles.
  23. Rabbit: Another lightheaded pose…the minute my hips go in the air, I have to sink down, otherwise, I’ll pass out.
  24. Head to Knee:  No flexibility and my knee is bent in order to keep my head on the knee, but I’m aware that class is almost over at this point, and I trudge on.
  25. Stretching: (Again, repetitive), unable to touch my feet, let along lift my heels off the ground, head not even close to the knees, much to improve.
  26. Spine Twist: This is the last pose and put a little extra effort into the pose and enjoy it.  Then, it’s savasana time and get the hell out of the 105 degree room.

Eh, 60 days from now, I hope to be able to touch my toes and be comfortable with those really hard poses (3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, and 23).

Wish me luck!


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