bikram (day 3)

I am tired and it’s barely 10p.  As soon as my honey will make some hot cocoa, I’m going to bed (but he’s busy cuddling with Elston-cat and I am off topic again…).

Class was extremely, extremely hot and crowed this evening.  My mat was squeezed between two people, there was someone directly in front of me, another person directly behind to my left and one last person behind and directly to my right.  The whole room was that way  and I was amazed when the instructor mentioned that room should have four rows with probably 15 people in each row, so adjust to allow more people to attend the class.  Then, she said that we would get started shortly and one more person was joining the class, a 7-months pregnant woman.  Whoa!  I’m impressed, but she has to be crazy or extremely devoted.  Me, when I am 7-months pregnant, I will not be doing hot yoga.

I arrived early enough and had 20 minutes to adjust to the heat.  My face was beat red by the time the class started and a zit, which arrived shortly after the first class, became inflamed again.  Sweating out toxins?  Nah, becoming zit face (ok, it’s just one, but still!).

I rested in Savasana a lot during this class.  The room was extremely hot, worse than the other two classes; it had time to heat up from additional bodies and fourth or fifth class of the day.  It also had a stench of sweat, body odor and mustiness, which I didn’t notice the first two times.  I found myself giving up on poses earlier than the other two classes and becoming extremely light headed, especially on camel pose.  I didn’t even chance camel pose the second time, I probably would have passed out.  OK, it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was a lot for me.

I learned a few things from this session:

  • Get there early – especially since it’s the new year and everyone is making resolutions.
  • Change before I get there – so you’re not crowding into a small changing room, trying to get out of work clothes, into yoga clothes, bumping into people changing from the class that ended and people getting ready for the upcoming class.
  • Choose a spot by the wall, window, mirror – hopefully a corner one
  • Expect that you’ll end up touching someone else – someone’s sweaty hand and…
  • Staring at another person’s cracked, gross feet.

Oh, why am I doing this?

Yes, 60 day commitment and tomorrow is my day off.  Looking forward to chicken wings, beer, and Iowa football.

Ah, cocoa has arrived.  Then, bed.  Night, night.


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