bikram (day 2)

Last night, I was exhausted.  In addition to waking up early yesterday and going to my first bikram yoga class, I had a jammed packed day around the house remodeling the library, but that’s another blog, another story.

It was a bit easier to wake up today, probably because I went to bed at 9.30p last night.  I didn’t joyfully jump out of bed and it was colder this morning (a balmy -1 degrees) than yesterday.  Still, I got up and didn’t hit the snooze button once (progress!).  I stumbled into the studio and was greeted by a nicer instructor.  Last night, I made a point to see if the same instructor would be teaching the 8a class this morning.  Relief, he wasn’t.  It was someone else.

After asking a few questions and receiving polite response, I changed and entered the hot room.  This time I had about 15 minutes to spare.  I’d forgotten, in a single day, how hot and stuffy it is in the room.  It’s hard to breathe and took a good 10 minutes for my body to adapt.  As we started the warm up, I avoided drinking water this time, I found that my body was aching.  It was tired from yesterday and didn’t want to work like I wanted it to.  During Hands to Feet pose, my legs started cramping.  Granted, my legs are also bent and it’s extremely uncomfortable to keep your elbows behind your knees.

Overall, the poses were more challenging, the room felt hotter, and I kept wondering what made me commit to a 60 day challenge.  I keep telling myself that I could give up and be done.  I find myself liking the other types of yoga classes I’ve attended more than bikram.

On the bright side, the instructor was nicer and more encouraging than the last one.  He walked around the room, assisting people, talking about the poses, trying to help you get closer to the correct pose.  He teaches class again Tuesday evening 6p, but that’s when Iowa plays, so I’ll have to hope that the person on Monday and Wednesday are more like him than the first guy.

That being said looks like I’ll go back tomorrow evening.


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