bikram (day 1)

as typical of my life, my alarm went off at 6:46a this morning and i hit the snooze button twice, while trying to convince myself that i should just skip the 8a class and make a later one.  it was also cold, so very cold this morning (the thermometer was hovering at 1 degree.  brrrrr).

at 7:01a, i got out of bed.  hurray!

by 7.30p, i was on my way to my first bikram yoga class.  after a little snafu (i forgot the address and thought it was on the 13oo block, oops, it was on the 1400 block), i made it to the studio.  i entered the studio a little nervous and definitely not awake, which is a good thing, because i think that my nerves might have won over and i would have called off the whole challenge.  it’s not like anyone would really know if i quit (only my boyfriend, mom and a few friends).  i digress…

i climbed the stairs to the studio and entered to the reception area.  behind the desk a man is helping someone in front of me, he (later i discover is the instructor) motions towards a clipboard to sign in.  i write my name and mention that this is my first time.  he says welcome and proceeds to have me sign a release form and pay the first month special, then mentions where the changing rooms are, the bathrooms and the ‘hot’ room.  i quickly change and enter the studio.  with 10 minutes until class begins, i lay in corpse pose, savasana, and enjoy the warmth.  i start to wonder why i got up this morning and wish that i was back in bed asleep.

class begins, and hindsight, maybe i should have read into the postures more.  i struggled through them.  i watched the people in front of me and mirrored their poses.  i didn’t really rest (lay down on the mat).  a couple times, i did taken an extending standing resting posture, because i felt light headed.  i also drank water when i shouldn’t have.  it was during the warm up section and apparently i should ‘resist the urge for water…even if you think it’s good for you, it’s actually bad’.  who knew??

another time, slowed class down because i didn’t have the right hand position for a posture and received a dirty look from the girl in front of me.  then again, maybe that was my imagination.  after that look, i ignored anyone else (expect to figure out the pose) and paid attention to my practice and breathing.  it was challenging, but not so challenging that i felt the need to give up.

yet, i have mixed emotions on this morning.  the class was good, uncomfortable, and i will be back tomorrow.  the staff, i was not impressed.  i guess that i figured he might consider asking me about the yoga history, how i heard about the studio, etc.  he did mention to take it slow and rest, as needed.  beginning the only ‘new’ student that i could figure out, i felt out of stopping and laying in savasana.  instead, i didn’t challenge myself as much i would in another class.  i slowly worked through the poses and waited until others sipped water.

tomorrow will be easier, now that i know what to expect.  note to self – bring water, but ignore it until after the warm up, bring a LARGE towel to place over your mat and position yourself away from anyone that you might end up distracting.


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