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i hope…

i hope that today is not indicative of what’s to come, but let me back track.

my plan for the first 60 days of the new year (basically for the months of january and february) is to challenge myself to take five classes per week of bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga.  it’s a daunting challenge and i’m nervous, but excited to want to accomplish something this year.  in fact, the whole year is about accomplishing something new, something that i typically wouldn’t do.

for the next two months, 60 days, starting on january 3rd, attending bikram yoga classes sunday through thursday.

there, it was written and so it will be done.  yet, doubt begins to take hold: what if it’s bad weather, what if it’s cold outside, what if i need to work late, what if, what if, what if…

now, for today, it is almost 6p and i am sitting on my couch watching the nightly news with brian williams.  what happened?  i was suppose to go a yoga class after work. well, my boss graciously let me off work early today, and i was going to hang around the office until the 6p yoga class, but that’s never an appealing option.  i prefer to get out early when the opportunity presents itself.  ummm…what to do for that exact hour??  i checked the schedule at the yoga studio that i am currently attending (not bikram) to discover there was a 4:30p class.  golden!  i could easily make that class.  only, i didn’t.  somehow i misjudged my time and wouldn’t be able to make it until 4:40p.  i guess that i could have walked in late, but i didn’t think that it would be respectful to myself, the instructor and class to walk in late.  i hopped the bus home, thinking that i would change, and go back to class.

nope, i am sitting on the couch…please, let motivation come for the bikram challenge. new year…all about change, challenges, must remember that the next time i am presented with an obstacle.

not my cat, but very illustrative of how i feel.

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a new year…a new theme

this blog is changing for the new year (not that it had a theme for 2009).

the new year, like every new year, is about changes and i am jumping on the band wagon this year.  i need a change, a challenge, something…different… especially since i turn 30 in june.  am i ready to turn 30?  umm…will explore that thought later.   for now, this ‘change’ was inspired by a recent article in O magazine and a movie.  i am excited for the new year.  i hope that it will bring happiness, joy and accomplishments.  i have a plan beginning to formulate and for the first two months a challenge to accomplish.

for 2010, the purpose of this blog will be to document my accomplishments, beginning with my first challenge.  i hope you will join me for the journey and much more to come in the new year.

welcome 2010

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wow…oh wow…

whoa…amazing…   by steven beckly

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